Benefit from years of experience and development

Aad Prins Leliecultures B.V. is a specialist in cultivating virus-free starting material. We have been providing tissue culture cultivation of calla lilies, lilies, amaryllis, hyacinths and various smaller crops since 1987. Thanks to our years of experience, you can rely on us as the connecting link in the chain of virus-free cultivation.

Reliable partner for breeders and growers

Breeders and growers who want to quickly introduce new varieties through tissue culture can count on Aad Prins as a reliable partner. The tissue culture method is also ideal for refreshing existing batches. We take care of further cultivation for our clients; tissue culture plants that are ordered are grown virus-free in our greenhouses in the very best conditions.

The importance of virus-free starting material

Resistance to plant protection products in combination with increasingly strict export requirements is posing a major challenge to the floriculture sector. Investing in regularly refreshing and using clean starting material pays for itself. Healthy batches are easier to propagate and reduce losses.

We shoulder the burden

Aad Prins Leliecultures shoulders the burden for its customers in every aspect, from planting to sieving and delivery. Rigorous selection is part of the cultivation process. During growth, the crop is constantly monitored, allowing any problems to be detected in good time. What if we find a serious problem? Then our clients can expect to hear from us without delay.

In addition to normal cultivation of tissue culture and seed, we can scale the lilies and divide the calla lilies we grow for you. If you decide that you want more virus-free material rapidly from your batches, we can take complete care of this additional cultivation for you. For more information, please contact us.

Your starting material under a safe roof

At Aad Prins Leliecultures, we are dedicated to getting the best results by maximising efficiency and hygiene. This requires both modern technology and methods, and the craftsmanship of an experienced grower. Our modern greenhouses are equipped with facade screens, screen cloths and heating to ensure the perfect climate.

Continuous investments in optimal hygiene

Aad Prins’ priority is the cultivation of healthy starting material, so hygiene is extremely important to us. We invest in measures that maximum hygiene and are associated with numerous advantages: fewer plant protection products and measures, higher yields, and better quality. Thanks to our closed greenhouse, we can grow virus-free material, a guarantee for healthy cultivation. We only process virus-free material. All business premises are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected every season.

Collaboration with Wageningen University & Research

We are involved in a four-year project at Wageningen University & Research that is examining the possibilities of a one-way system instead of cyclical cultivation. Virus-free starting material is the common thread in this project, so perfectly in line with our company’s vision. Participating in the project offers us the opportunity to be closely involved in the research, through which we can build up our knowledge and continue to improve our services. Watch a video about the project here.

We are MPS-A certified.

Our guarantees:

  • A professional approach. Excellent quality. A deal is a deal.
  • Outstanding service. We do everything we can to fulfil your wishes. We are happy to take care of everything for you.
  • Comprehensive hygiene. The more hygienically you start, the better the prospect of a good return. For this reason, our work is guided by strict hygiene protocols.
  • A personal service. We strive for long-term relationships with our customers.